Organised resources, accessible anywhere.

KeyLinks is a platform where you can organise and manage content for others to access and use, such as academic reading lists, case reference files or workplace training materials.



KeyLinks helps you manage resource lists to support your workflows.

Our customisable reading tags allow you to mark resources using your own terminology. You can use them to tell the reader more about the resource, for example if it is ‘essential’, ‘recommended’ or ‘background’, or any other term you would like to use! This allows you to guide users to content and advise on their usage.

Our list management features give you more flexibility so you can offer your end users a simpler reading list experience.


KeyLinks analytics build superior insight.

Our dynamic dashboard lets you see list usage and provides data on which items readers are accessing. This gives you richer insight into users progress through their lists. You will also be able to generate bespoke reports that give you the data you want, whenever you want it. Using our analytics, you’ll be able to better analyse issues and offer necessary aid and intervention.

Our analytics provide you with the data to make more informed decisions and help you demonstrate ROI on your purchasing.


Keylinks informs and streamlines your acquisitions workflow.

Our system uses your own unique purchase ratios by using your customisable tags and user numbers to automatically flag up acquisition recommendations based on high quality data.

Our acquisitions tool provides you with the intelligence to inform your purchasing decisions and ensure that every user has access to the resources they need.


KeyLinks integrates with major library management and discovery systems.

KeyLinks offers integrations so that you can be sure our system offers a solution suitable for you. Integration with your LMS can offer a more streamlined workflow for your library, information managers and end users while still using the same accessible interface.

Our integration with all major systems streamlines your organisation’s internal workflows, making the management of content easier than ever before.