What is KeyLinks?

KeyLinks is a platform for academic, public or health libraries to organise and manage content into resource lists for use by students, academics or employees.

In August 2017, CLA and Kortext acquired the rebus:list reading list system from PTFS Europe. After extensive redevelopment, CLA and Kortext are reintroducing this product to the market as KeyLinks in Summer 2018.

KeyLinks is a joint venture between CLA and Kortext, the team behind the development of the Digital Content Store, the innovative online platform for higher education institutions that combines a searchable repository of digitised extract with a workflow management tool.

If you would like to find out more or arrange for a demo please contact our representatives;

For the UK: Colin Pearson on +44 (0)7912 270 093 or at colin.pearson@cla.co.uk 

For the ROW: Scott Gibbens on +44 (0)7714 742 958 or at scottg@kortext.com 

Join our mailing list by emailing contact@keylinks.org and we will send you an invitation to sign up. 

CLA are the recognized UK collective rights licensing body for text and images from book, journal, and magazine content. They exist to simplify copyright for content users and copyright owners. CLA’s mission is to help customers legally access, copy, and share the published content they need, while also making sure that copyright owners are paid royalties for the use of their work. For more information about CLA, visit their website, or visit their FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.

Kortext is the UK’s leading personal learning platform providing access to over half a million digital textbooks from over 850 of the world’s leading education publishers such as Pearson, McGraw Hill and Wiley. These publishers along with many other learning content providers use Kortext to help distribute digital content to students and their education institutions around the world. Find out more about Kortext on their website,  or visit their FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.

The product will be available to any organisation that wishes to buy it, whether licensed or not. It is a stand-alone product that is not linked to any current CLA or Kortext service.

If you’ve got any questions, you can submit them to us using this simple form or you can email us at contact@keylinks.org.