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4 Powerful Benefits You Need to Know about EdTech

Edtech, or education technology, refers to an area of technology which is focused on the development of features and tools related to the education sector. Although this field seems an area for a small niche, its implications can affect a large section of the population.

Here below are 4 ways in which edtech can transform the whole teaching and learning journey.

  1. Increase student engagement.

A common problem among students is to not pay enough attention and participation during lectures.

However, by incorporating technology into teaching, lecturers can increase students’ engagement and learning.

Nowadays, with effective technology, students have everything they need to own to study smart whether this is a laptop, tablet or smartphone. In addition, with the release of gaming-based learning apps, students are able to learn skills even while they are playing. This trend does not improve only the student engagement but also their motivation as in this way students are becoming more passionate about learning.

As well as this, adopting digital learning increases the engagement of those students who are introverted. For those students who are shy and do not usually express their point of view during a lecture, technology can be the solution which makes them get involved as well.

  1. Track progress.

When it comes to analysis, technology is the solution. With the development of big data and analytics techniques, lecturers can have more specific data and a better understanding of each individual student. Indeed, they are able to analyse updated data about students’ engagement and performance. Therefore, they can identify learners who need more support about a topic and those who are ready to move forward.

In addition, edtech permits teachers to personalise their lessons to each specific student’s needs and interests. This is a good way to make learners engaged with the content and give them the best chance to succeed.

  1. Go paperless.

Even if going completely paperless is not a good recommendation, adopting eBooks can have benefits for the class.

Firstly, by adopting digital books, institutions have started saving money. Indeed, eBooks are on average 30% cheaper compared to the print version. As well as this, print books are usually heavy to carry around and usually, students do not bring them to university.

Secondly, going paperless saves times for teachers. Indeed, usually, lecturers spend many hours checking the students’ attendance and grading them. On the contrary, by adopting technology they can have a smooth and easy checking and grading process.

  1. Develop collaboration.

Edtech increases collaboration among students as well. Whether they are studying from home or at university, education technology helps students to cooperate with one another and communicate.

Therefore, this method encourages learners to work together to develop the teamwork skill and facilitates their learning process.




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