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8 Chrome Extensions Students Should Use

With October around the corner, students will soon have to start dealing with deadlines and assignments, which means lots of time on their laptops and the Internet. Here at KeyLinks, we would like to help learners by recommending 8 Google Chrome extensions which, if used effectively, could ease their learning process.

Everyone knows students continuously look for online content and information, and it is not unusual that they come across new or tricky terms while reading an article. With this in mind, Google Dictionary extension is very handy as it helps learners to get the meaning of any terms, just by double-clicking!. As well as this, Google Dictionary is useful if students are trying to learn a new language.

Most of the time learners have to write documents including essays, white papers or even emails. Grammarly for Chrome is a great extension as it spots spelling mistakes and improper grammar in real time, so learners can see their errors immediately. Like Google Dictionary, this extension provides the meaning of a word by double-clicking on it.

The internet is a good place for students to find useful information. However, it can also be a very distracting place. Block and Focus is an extension which allows learners to block specific websites such as social media or others which can easily distract them.

PushBullet is an extension which allows users to create a seamless connectivity between their laptop and smartphone. In this way, they can exchange links, pictures and files from their computer to their phone and vice versa.

While researching for a project, it is easy to get overwhelmed by opened tabs containing useful information which have to be reopened or bookmarked every day. With Session Buddy, students can manage their internet sessions by saving them, so as they can open the same tabs the next day with a single click.

‘Pocket’ is a useful extension to organise and store articles, pictures, websites, videos and other Internet resources. Once students find the content they want, they can save it on Pocket just by right-clicking on it. As well as this, with the Pocket mobile app, learners can access their resources from wherever they want.

This is another student must-have Chrome extension. By replacing the new tab page in Chrome, Momentum offers amazing panoramic pictures every day along with inspirational quotes, to-do lists and reminders.

Finally, LastPass permits learners to save and manage their passwords and credit card information in a secure way. As well as this, it allows users to synchronize them through all the devices.

To sum up, this is a great list of Chrome Extensions that every student should use to maximise his/her productivity. Do you use any of them?

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