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Developing KeyLinks for students and academics

What’s new in Keylinks?

KeyLinks is going to improve efficiencies for several different groups of people and most recently, we’ve been looking at the improvements that can be made for students and academics at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) with our reading and resource management list. As such, in our last development sprint, we have focused primarily on improving KeyLinks’ Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). Our aim has been to streamline the creation and management of digital lists for academic staff.  In addition, we have had the ultimate goal of providing a seamless experience for students. This is possible as they have an easy access to all of their course materials and ebooks in one place.

To ensure that KeyLinks works for as many institutions as possible, we’re ensuring that our system integrates with as many Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) as possible. That includes Blackboard, Moodle and Canvas! We know that academics want one place to manage all the digital course information that needs to be delivered to students. Therefore, their institution’s VLE provides the perfect place.

Our development team are developing the ability to edit lists from within the VLE, rather than through KeyLinks. Staff will benefit from single sign-on from their VLE through to KeyLinks, that will enable them to edit reading lists via their desktop, laptop or tablets. Any established user roles will have been passed from the VLE to KeyLinks so that permissions match. Academics will have the ability to add sections to lists within the module page. Additionally, they will have the option to view previous years’ lists before structuring lists for current or future years. Students will be able to access their online learning lists through the VLE on their desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

So, what are the benefits of these new developments?

All of these new developments will give academics a superior digital experience when editing lists. Additionally, students will have the access to up-to-date online learning lists whenever and wherever they wish.

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