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How can eTextbooks improve student learning?

Nowadays, online learning is becoming popular among students who prefer not to spend long hours in a  traditional classroom. This trend has become relevant due to the digital and technological developments which have allowed learners to access their eBooks whenever they want, from wherever they want and at an affordable price.

How can eTextbooks improve the student learning experience?

Firstly, eTextbooks are easily accessible to students, meaning they don’t need to queue in a bookshop anymore to their textbooks. Indeed, by using the Internet, learners can download a copy of the book they require whenever and wherever they need it.

Secondly, digital textbooks can be stored on multiple digital devices, saving physical space as well as avoiding the loss or forgetfulness of the copy. Additionally, students will have clear and tidy desks as all their books and notes will be saved on their digital devices.

Thirdly, eBooks are easy to carry so students will not have to bring heavy bags at uni anymore.  As well as this, digital books are more engaging than print books as they offer different content such as videos, infographic and diagrams. These materials are more appealing than plain text, so there are more chances that students get interested in a topic.

Additionally, eTextbooks are easy to be searched, allowing students to spot the part they are looking for more easily. This feature will allow them to save time that they can spend on other activities.

Furthermore, eBooks are more sustainable than print copies. In addition, it has been proved that digital developments have saved millions of trees worldwide; on the contrary, every year the journal publishing industry consumes more than 300 million tons of paper.

Finally, eBooks allow students to save money as there is no cost associated with printing the book, using paper as well as shipping the copies. Also, even if sometimes students will be able to access specific books for a limited amount of time only, the savings offered by eTexbook is still enormous.

Do you prefer print books or eBooks? Are you currently using eTextbooks at your university? Let us know your experience by commenting below.

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