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How do students benefit from an RLMS?

Students aren’t always the most obvious stakeholders when it comes to educational software (e.g. RLMS). It can be easy to ensure a software solution fits the institutional model first and the student model second. Therefore, we wanted to demonstrate how KeyLinks can benefit both students and their library administrators or lecturers.

One of the great things about KeyLinks is that it is a lot more than just a reading list management system (RLMS). It’s a resource list management system. With KeyLinks, students can access dynamic content in one place such as videos, podcasts and images – along with the traditional etextbooks and journal articles. By providing this functionality, KeyLinks encourages a more interactive and engaging experience for learners.

Students can easily see what they need to read by using our customised tagging system. For example, lecturers can label the content in their list with tags such as “essential” “recommended” and “background” and add deadlines. This means students no longer need to worry that they have forgotten to write down reading deadlines, as they can then see clearly on KeyLinks what they need to do for their next lecture.

Finding out a resource is a physical book can be frustrating when you thought it was a digital one. This is an issue most students encounter. KeyLinks recognised this frustration and made sure that when students access their resources list one of the first features they can see is the type of content. Learners can also search/filter by resource type – adding that next level of clarity.

Portable technology is ever more important in the world of today. Fitting around that 9-5 structure and accessing at any time, anywhere is vital. The KeyLinks lists will be able to be viewed on a mobile phone, tablet or any digital device with internet, so learners can take their resources with them wherever they go.

These are just a few of the benefits that KeyLinks can offer students. The KeyLinks development team are constantly updating and enhancing the system with the students, librarians and lecturers in mind. So watch this space and see where we go next!  

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