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How eBooks have grown in the UK

Over the last three years, eBooks have started to become more predominant over their print counterparts, generating revenues up to £563 million in the UK.

This trend can be justified by the fact that digital books bring tremendous benefits to individuals who engage with them. Firstly, these resources are instant, accessible from different devices and at any time of the day. Secondly, they are more portable than print books and occupy less physical space. Thirdly, they have plenty of accessibility features, allowing people with disabilities to engage with the content.

Although some adults are not willing to provide their children with a tablet, an increased number of pupils have started reading on their digital devices. This trend is supported by the fact that digital children books have increased by 36 per cent.

As well as this, digital has influenced the journal sector, where eJournals are now accounting for 79% of all subscription income. As well as other areas of publishing such as academic textbooks, audiobooks and education materials for schools.

In this context, the development of digital has had a big impact on education. Nowadays, students have their own personal laptop, tablet and smartphone from where they can easily access and interact with digital resources.  

With the rise of digital books, an increasing amount of learners are buying a tablet. Additionally, there are also universities in the UK which are offering students Samsung devices so that students can research and study in a more flexible way. These devices are equipped with digital core texts as well as links to use library resources and VLE.

Finally, the advent of eBooks in the education sector has offered students the possibility to interact with a variety of media resources. These include audio, videos and hyperlinks, increasing the students’ comprehension and retention rate.

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