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How university influences your career

Students have just started their academic year at university, but before choosing the most suitable program for them, they’ve been probably overwhelmed by various doubts. Nowadays, many institutions around the world offer the same courses; however, different institutions have different values and reputation. Therefore, potential students are concerned about choosing the right university as this could affect their future career prospects.

In the current academic climate, not only do students select a course according to their needs and preferences, but they considered other aspects such as the university fees and the value their degree will have after their graduation.

According to different pieces of research, the university fees have raised according to the competitive job market. Nevertheless, the graduate employability ranking, focusing on 42,000 employers worldwide, has outlined the institutions which are more likely to influence graduate recruiters over 2019.

According to the rank, the most influential institutions worldwide are based in the US and they are respectively MIT, Stanford, the University of California (based in Los Angeles), and Harvard University. As well as this, Australia plays an important part in this ranking. Not to mention, the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne rank respectively in the fifth and sixth position.

Considering the UK institutions, Oxford and Cambridge University are those which have the highest rate; however, their value among employers has decreased over the years.

Furthermore, by focusing on the global market and considering the top 500 institutions for employability, it can be noted that 144 universities are based in Western Europe, 102 in Asia and only 83 in the US. From this analysis, it can be argued that Asian universities are enhancing their employability value. This is explained by the fact that they are investing in the creation of relationships with employers.

To sum up, there are different universities worldwide which are providing the same programmes. Nevertheless, it is vital for students to consider the value of different universities, as well as their reputations and position on the graduate employability ranking. All these aspects will influence their future career, making easy for them to find a job position quickly.  

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