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How is university becoming interactive?

With the development of digital, the whole university experience has changed drastically so those who went to university ten years ago might be surprised to see how much the higher education sector has changed over the years. 

With this in mind, the most traditional experiences such as lectures, assignments, feedback and books have become digital and more interactive, providing students with a unique university experience.

In this post we will focus on four aspects of higher education, highlighting how they have been transformed in the last ten years. So, we suggest you keep reading to discover more.


  • Assessment


Thanks to the Internet and the development of technology, educators can assess students in many different ways. From interactive quizzes to engaging polls, it has been proven that students respond better to interactive assessments. By using their laptop or digital devices, learners can better understand topics and questions, having the possibility to engage with the content whenever they want and how many times they like. Also, students can constantly revise their feedback, better understanding their strengths and weaknesses and improving their general knowledge.


  • Lectures


Over the years, lectures have changed drastically, being more student-focused and permitting educators to better interact with each learner. In this context, students can easily clarify their doubts and fill their knowledge gaps, having the possibility to communicate with their educators and peers through a simple click on their mobiles’ screen or by re-watching their lecturers from a laptop while commuting to university.


  • Books


With the introduction of Web 2.0, many books and journals have become available online. Through the Internet, students have access to a multitude of materials 24/7, boosting their knowledge and improving the way they study.


  • Communications


As university fees are constantly rising, so too are the students’ expectations. In this context, institutions are bringing student services online and developing their social presence. In this technological world, it’s fundamental that universities are engaging with students using different offline and online channels, communicating in an open and approachable way. This way, institutions can get useful data that can be analysed using analytics tools and permit them to improve their entire value.

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