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How to create a successful revision plan

Every student should have enough time to revise before taking their exams. In fact, this is the only way they’re able to read and understand their study materials along with retaining information and clarifying concepts that are not clear. In addition, revision can help learners increase their confidence, reduce their test anxiety and help their chance of success in their exams.

In this context, it’s important students have a planned and efficient revision schedule in order to cover all the materials they need to know, before taking their tests. As well as divide their study into chunks, avoiding stressful situations.

So if you are one of those students who would like to have everything under control along with a balanced life, we suggest you take a look at the tips below. They will help you be more productive and motivated!

  • Be realistic – When you’re dealing with the creation of your revision plan, it’s important you are realistic so you can stick to it. Avoid planning 14 hours a day – you’re a human, not a machine. Also, don’t forget to include details and be flexible – some topics might take longer than others. Finally, remember to include breaks: your brain needs them to work effectively!
  • Do the most difficult tasks first – It’s important you focus on difficult tasks while you’re fresh and full of energy. So, concentrate on them during the morning, leaving easy duties for the afternoon. It has been proven that our minds are sharpest in the morning!
  • Use colours – Did you know that colour coding your revision plan can improve your productivity? By choosing the right colour you will become organised and quickly get all the things done! Additionally, you’ll know what to expect from your following days along with keeping your life under control.
  • Print off your plan – If you surf the net, you can easily find online templates that help you create your revision timetable; once, you’ve generated one, we suggest you print it off and have a physical version of it. This way, you can add hand-written notes and comments on it!

Revision time is a stressful period for many students who need to focus on different subjects and remember various concepts to succeed in their exams. However, by having a revision timetable, learners are able to fully manage this process, avoiding stressful situations.

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