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How to deal with tight assignment deadlines

Deadline, a word that you will be said almost every day, from your first day at university to your last day at work. This concept is a huge part of professional life, it’s important you know how to deal with it, in order to avoid stressful situations.

If the word ‘deadline’ is usually associated with late nights, too much coffee and stressful tears, you’ve probably come to the right place for help. In the points below, there are our top tips to successfully meet your assignment deadlines without stressing out!

  • Have clear ideas on what’s required

It’s paramount you know what’s written in your assignment brief before you begin writing your essay. If you have any doubts about a certain area of your assignment, brainstorm with your colleagues or seek support from your tutor.

  • Take your time to research

In order to write a thorough academic paper, you should think about looking at deep research analysis textbooks, journals as well as reports and videos. This process can be very time consuming, so be sure you start it as soon as you’ve understood your assignment brief. Furthermore, be sure to remember that on the Internet, you’ll find different types of sources –  select them carefully and avoid referring to bad content.

  • Begin with a draft

Once you have a good idea on what your structure needs to be, start writing a draft of your assignment. It’s good practice to take this part seriously as having a draft will help you focus on the subjects while creating links between ideas.

  • Set daily goals

In order to not become overwhelmed, it’s fundamental you break your project into achievable tasks. For example, you can set a target number of words you need to write on a specific day or a number of chapters you have to read before a specific deadline. All these tasks should be achievable, meaning that you can reach them at your own pace.

  • Give yourself breaks

While you are writing your academic paper, it’s crucial you take regular breaks including evenings or days off. It may seem like a waste of valuable time, but these breaks enable you to feel refreshed and full of energy. This way, you’ll also be more likely to spot mistakes you haven’t noticed before!

  • Make sure you have time to review

In order to write a successful essay, you have to handle your time efficiently and leave some days for just reviewing and amending your paper. It’s imperative to take a look at every single paragraph and rewrite those that aren’t written well. Also, it’s important you proofread your work so you have the chance to spot any grammar, spelling and vocabulary issues

  • Don’t panic

It’s normal to feel nervous or anxious when you’re approaching a deadline, but it’s crucial to keep focused, organised and persistent. Avoid comparing your work with your peers, and keep putting effort into your own work. 

Assignment deadlines are a nightmare for many students. However, by following the tips above, you’ll be able to deal with stressful situations as you’ll have plenty of time to understand your assignment prompts, run deep research and proofread your work. Happy writing!

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