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How to easily find resources for your essay

For first-year students, university is full of new experiences and things to learn. This includes becoming more independent, making new friends and having to deal with academic writing. Writing an academic paper can be quite difficult for those who haven’t tried these academic activities before. So, if you feel lost every time you have to deal with an essay prompt, keep reading. Below are some tips that will help you understand how to find useful and reliable materials for your assignment.

With technological development and the rise of the Internet, finding resources online has become very easy. nowadays, students can access useful information and Open Educational Resources (OERs) anytime, anywhere. However, finding reliable data can be challenging, as on the Internet there are many resources that can’t be cited or aren’t credible.

In addition, many first-year students have issues in using large academic libraries where they have to find specific resources among thousands of books, journal articles and electronic materials.

Therefore, it’s fundamental you start learning how to use your university library along with looking for reliable resources that prove you made good research.

Below are some tips that will help you boost your research process.

  • Look at the right websites – Online you can find different types of resources that are different in content and reliability. When you look at a website, pay attention to its domain name suffix; if it is .edu, .org, .gov or .com, you can be sure that those pages will provide you with reliable information.
  • Combine keywords when using an electronic database – Sometimes if you type the entire title of your resources within a database, you’ll not get any successful results. So, try to select the right keywords and concepts and link them together with the conjunction and.
  • Adopt Google scholar – Google scholar is a good search engine to find reliable academic resources. All the materials in Google Scholar are peer-reviewed and considered reliable.
  • Choose the right database – During your research, it’s fundamental you browse the databases related to your subject. Most university databases cover different topics, but before beginning, be sure you are looking in the right place.

Writing academic papers can be a daunting task for those students who have never dealt with this activity before. Above, we’ve outlined several tips to boost your research process and submit a successful academic work.

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