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How to improve employability chances after uni

Getting a job after finishing a degree is a big worry among students. But, it is harder getting the job you really want. This is a common struggle among the recent graduate population, so to help reduce this stress, we’ve put together a list highlighting the best ways to improve your chances of employment after your graduation.

  • Experience is crucial

Unfortunately for most people, students learn how important getting industry experience is after they’ve finished their degrees and begin their job search. Make sure to start your hunt early to stay ahead of the curve. There is an illusion amongst students that full-time jobs are the only way to gain experience, but that is a common misconception. Websites such as Internwise show part-time internship positions, at various companies, that offer work positions you can perform at home. It is an excellent place to gain some valuable experience while working on your degree.

  • Find the right career path

Figuring out what career path to follow after finishing your degree can be difficult and stressful, and being unable to make a decision is very common. Every university employs people to help with this, so no need to worry. Seek out your careers advisor and schedule in a meeting, they will be able to help you a great amount. They’ll assist you to make practical choices and ask you the right questions, along with showing you useful websites, such as Prospects, which use questionnaires to determine your attributes and qualifications; this is a good way to understand what jobs would best suit your skill set. In addition, these websites outline the type of work you could have, the salary expectations and what qualifications you may need.

  • Think of alternative solutions

Becoming self-employed could be a good solution, although this may not apply to everyone.

Being self-employed can allow you to be free, flexible and have control over your workload while being in your dream job. Graduating with a creative degree can help this as it will be easier to sell your skills as a service. Start studying possibilities and opportunities as soon as you can, make sure you have a professional portfolio and a list of potential customers.

  • No need to rush

Taking some time off from pursuing your career can be very beneficial, as getting a degree can be a very stressful process, so jumping straight into the job hunt may not be the best idea.

Furthermore, giving yourself breathing room can help you to fully understand what career path to follow. Make sure to spend some time getting some valuable industry experience, to enhance your CV, giving you a head start on your chosen career path.

Keep in mind that some people will start their career straight away after their years at university, while others won’t until much later. However, this is all a part of the normal career process.

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