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How to Improve Your Academic Writing

Writing an academic essay is a skill that unfortunately does not come to everyone; however, it is a style which can be learned in time. As a university student, you should learn how to write in a critical and persuasive way, as it is a valuable skill for learners. As well as this, by developing good academic writing skills, you can easily get the top grades.

How can you improve your academic writing skills?

There are several ways you can improve your writing skills and we have listed them here:

Firstly, make an outline. Before beginning a piece of academic writing, it is important that you know what you’re going to say. Try to schematise your essay and create a proper argument. Don’t rush – prior to starting,  outline the whole essay structure and don’t’ forget to include an introduction, the body of the essay, a discussion part and a conclusion.

Secondly, you should have a clear understanding of  English grammar, style and punctuation. These three aspects are fundamental if you want your academic paper to be understood and taken seriously. You should know how to use verbs and subjects correctly, as well as adopting proper articles and prepositions. Furthermore, it is vital that you know how to use the common forms of punctuation such as commas and periods. Also, try to use the active voice instead of a passive one when it is possible. This will make the tone of your document stronger.

Thirdly, do you know the meaning of the words that you are using within your essay? When you are writing your document, one of your main aims is to persuade the reader that you have a convincing argument, right? Therefore, only use big words when you are sure about their meaning and be careful when using obscure language. This can make your audience confused.

Fourthly,  do you have your main argument in mind? Every time you are writing academic content, you should keep referring back to your argument and keep asking yourself: Is this source supporting my goal?; if the answer is no, then you should probably avoid referencing that source in your work. Remember, you are writing a piece of content which should outline all the connections between various topics and the main argument.

Finally, focusing on your conclusion is vital, as this should validate all your research and prove your argument. Usually, many students make the mistake to write a conclusion that is very similar to the introduction. On the contrary, your conclusion should outline the main key points discussed in your essay and show how you have supported your main statement.

Happy writing!

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