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How we are improving accessibility at Keylinks

Here at Keylinks, we believe that resource management list systems (RMLS) should be available to all. We try to make sure that everyone can engage with our site and software, allowing users to make the best use of their resource lists.

Within our app, we make sure to use the best coding practices to support all levels of accessibility. For example, we make sure to use alt tags on all our images within our site, so that screen readers can properly understand the content of our images, to the user. Furthermore, we make sure to use aria attributes within our code to further assist screen readers when interpreting the content on our pages.  

We also make sure that our pages are well structured. For instance, we properly use lists within our software, as screen readers have a specific way of announcing lists, ensuring our list structure aids screen reader output. We also make sure our software can support different languages, to help cater to the needs of every audience.

We offer our programme as a white label solution, so that means the front end can be tailored for any audience. For example, certain colour schemes can be difficult for people with vision problems. So by having control over the styling of your instance, you can make sure it is suitable for your users. This could mean that you may want to change the colour scheme of your instance, to make sure all the elements on the screen can be seen clearly. You will also be given the option the change the font, in both style and size, as well as the spacings and margins. We think all our users deserve a unique and accessible reading experience, and by enabling these customisable options, we’re hopeful in granting it for all.  

We have gone to great efforts to make sure that our software is responsive, enabling it to be used on any device or screen size. So if anyone has trouble using a certain device, they have the option to engage with it on a device they are more comfortable with. This statement is also true for the website, as we know that users are increasingly using mobile devices to access the internet.

With 20 institutions across the globe using Keylinks as their resource list management software, we aim to offer the most comprehensive and accessible software on the market. Providing an equal educational and managerial platform for all our users is a high priority of ours. So through our extensive development work, aimed at enhancing our accessibility, we hope we are achieving this goal.


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