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Is homework important for students?

Every day students come back from school with lots of homework, that usually has to be completed within the same evening. Homework should be seen as a positive and constructive activity for students, as it helps them to memorise concepts and improve their final grades. For this reason, every educator should assign exercises related to the taught topic, in order to help learners review, apply and integrate every concept they have studied in the class.

In addition, teachers should assign homework in order to develop students’ skills such as being able to work independently, manage time, solve problems and recognise useful resources. Also, by assigning exercises, learners will acquire a sense of personal responsibility for their own learning, along with understanding how to use academic libraries and databases.

Not only does the course workload help student to acquire information, but it also brings teachers and parents closer together. In fact, by supporting and supervising children during their homework,  it helps parents to understand how their child’s school, education and progress work.

Although most of the time homework is seen as a positive activity for students to learn new concepts, over the years a debate populated by parents, teachers, administrators and educational organisations on the effectiveness of these exercises has risen.

In fact, a group of opponents started to affirm that homework doesn’t improve the students’ performance, takes up valuable class and reading time, causes stress and doesn’t offer learners the possibility to spend their time with family, friends or hobbies.

In this context, several studies have been done to prove the homework effectiveness and benefits, analysing different audiences. A recent analysis, done by Cooper at Duke University in 2006, highlights that in moderation homework tends to improve test scores.  However, educators should limit the number of exercises they give to students every day in order to reduce stressful situations along with evaluating the effectiveness of homework depending on a given situation.

Nowadays homework is seen as a fundamental activity that students should perform to achieve successful grades. However, in order to be effective, educators should give learners the right amount of exercises and consider the class context. This is fundamental to avoid stressful and harmful situations.

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