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Is social media beneficial for students?

Social media and technology have become part of every person’s professional and private life; we wouldn’t be able to go a day without checking our personal social accounts.

It has been proven that young people between 18 and 24 years old represent the majority of social media users. Young adults use social media for different purposes, including when they are at school. In this context, the question is: can social media have a positive influence on education?

The answer is yes. Social media platforms bring benefits to learners, enhancing the whole student experience. Below we’ve outlined the main benefits students have through the use of social media.

    • Improved communication and collaboration – Through the use of social media platforms, students can enhance their communication with other peers, engaging with them at anytime, from anywhere. Also, if students are using the same platform, they are able to create their own communities, sharing common interest activities and starting discussions about specific topics. In addition, by using social media, learners are able to collaborate, creating group discussions along with setting up video calls to actively contribute to group projects.
    • Enhance research project – Through the use of social media, students can easily get insights into specific trends. In fact, they can discover how most people feel about a specific topic or how experts perceive a particular issue. Whether a student is trying to better understand a topic or get data for their assignment, social media can be a good place from where extract information.
    • Intensify networking activity – Social media can help learners increase their network while being at university. Through social networks, students can easily find colleagues, friends and tutors and remain in contact with them. Also, platforms such as LinkedIn permit students to create and maintain business connections that might be useful for their future career. 
    • Express creativity – Through the use of social media, students are able to show their creative skills on a global level. In this way, they can build a targeted group of followers along with getting in contact with people with the same interests.


  • Increase participation – Social networks are a good way to encourage discussion and stimulate engagement among students. Through social media, learners are able to see the connections between the content they engaged with and their experiences, making it more relevant and meaningful.


  • Develop 21st-century skills – Through the use of social networks, students are able to develop skills they will need to succeed in this modern, dynamic world. These skills include creative and technical abilities as well as computational skills.

In conclusion, social media is affecting every single aspect of people’s lives and education is not an exception. In this context, social networks can be seen as distractors; however, if used carefully, they can be beneficial to students.

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