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Is the university name important for your future?

There are different questions students have in mind when it comes to choosing the right university. Several are the doubts that might affect the learners’ choice as there are different institutions worldwide that are offering the same courses. 

A common question concerning both families and learners is ‘will the university name have an impact on my future?’

Ideally, students should choose their university based on the subjects and topics they want to focus on and suit their needs. However, in reality, learners should consider other aspects including the university tuition fees and the value of the degree after the graduations.

As the university costs are rising and institutions are in a very competitive market, sometimes it’s difficult to determine if a university is more valuable than in another. However, the graduate employability rankings after having considered 42,000 employers worldwide show that some universities are more likely to impress recruiters rather than others. 

What are the most valuable universities in the world?

According to the rank, the best universities worldwide are US institutions including MIT, Stanford, University of California (Los Angeles), and Harvard University. However, the Australian universities such as the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne are famous for their employability value.

Considering the UK, Cambridge and Oxford are the most valuable institutions in our country, taking respectively the seventh and tenth positions. Nevertheless, their employability value has decreased over the years.

2019 has also seen the rise of Asian institutions due to the fact they are investing in building engaging relationships with employers worldwide.

Different are the universities worldwide that are offering the same programmes. Nevertheless, before applying for a specific institution, students should consider the university’s employability value as well as its reputation around the world. This is fundamental for them to succeed in their future career as they will quickly find a job position.

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