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KeyLinks is coming along!

Development is coming along leaps and bounds on our new resource management software and we have two new exciting features to tell you about.

What has been developed?

Our first new development consists of a sophisticated digital data capture system. KeyLinks will capture the actions completed by the system’s users – for example, how many times people access a reading list, which digital list items are the most popular, what time of day is most popular for people to access items to etc. A SQL database will store all of this data, useful for analytics and reporting. KeyLinks aims to provide users with richer insight into their users’ activity; our data capture will allow you to generate bespoke reports and view vibrant interactive visual analytics. This will provide users with a greater insight into the way they use lists and ebooks.

The second new development concerns usability and building an improved user-interface. As we are re-developing KeyLinks from a previous system, we are working off an existing interface. Our goal is for KeyLinks to be user-friendly and easily accessible for librarians, academics and students. Therefore, firstly, we’ve updated menu items to make their functions clearer. Secondly, we have renewed error messages to make them as helpful as possible. Finally, we have conducted some general maintenance to ensure better reliability from the platform and its technology.  To build a digital platform for all we need to do more work. However, we are very happy with the progress we’ve made so far!

What’s next?

We’re already working hard developing more new features These include a full end-to-end integration with the Digital Content Store platform (CLA’s course-pack content management tool for Higher Education) and an improved integration with Library Management Systems.  In addition, there will be an improved Learning Tools Interoperability with the major VLEs. Make sure you check back in soon to catch our next digital development blog! To keep up to date with all of our KeyLinks news and opportunities, subscribe to our newsletter below.

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