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The Resource List of the Week – Marketing

Here at KeyLinks, we are proud to introduce The Resource List of the Week, a new feature which highlights all the materials you should consider putting in your resource management list for this upcoming academic year. We will cover different subjects every week. To start off, this week, we outline the best Marketing resources.

Kotler and Armstrong (2010) assert that

“Marketing is the social process by which individuals and organizations obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging value with others.”

This definition is very broad. Hence, these five titles listed below should help narrow it.


1. The New Rules of Marketing and PR – David Meeran Scott

This is a useful book for marketing, PR professionals and digital entrepreneurs who aspire to grow their businesses and create success. This book permits people to learn how companies, nonprofits, and organizations of all sizes can leverage web-based digital content. Also, it allows them to get timely and relevant information to eager, responsive buyers for a fraction of the cost of big-budget campaigns.

The New Rules of Marketing and PR

2. Everybody Writes – Ann Handley

This title outlines how to create and publish digital content that will make any business thrive. It explains how the discipline’s traditional techniques are no longer enough and are substituted by online assets. Finally, Everybody Writes is a guide for all those businesses which need great content to continue thriving in the digital world.

Everybody Writes

3. Customer Experience Branding – Thomas Gad

Nowadays, the individual consumer has more power than ever before because of his exposure to global cultures and media. Therefore, it is vital for marketers to consider the customer’s needs and perceptions which are the heart of any brand.

In addition, to develop a successful strategy, marketers must regularly introduce innovative and intriguing experiences in their services. Hence, they can remain unique and attractive.

As a result, this book is useful for marketers who would like to develop a surprising branding strategy to manage the consumer’s perceptions.

Customer Experience Branding

4. Integrated Marketing Communication – Juska M. Jerome

The book is an up-to-date resource that shows students how to achieve their marketing objectives through the creation of campaigns, which coordinate marketing, advertising, and promotion. In addition, it provides essential information to plan, implement, and assess a comprehensive marketing plan. Finally, it helps students appreciate integrated digital marketing communications as a business strategy.

Integrated Marketing Communication

5. Marketing For Dummies – Jeanette McMurtry

The book is a comprehensive guide for anyone who needs to know more about the subject. Also, it explains how to reach and engage with your audience in a way that helps your business. This new edition, updated to align with the latest marketing revolution, introduces you to essential techniques including search engine, guerilla, global, and behaviour marketing.

Marketing For Dummies


In conclusion, all the content outlined above could be attained for your resource list through the Kortext Store and the CLA Digital Content Store (DCS).
KeyLinks, Kortext and the DCS can all be used together to create an intuitive digital learning environment.




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