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The Resource List of the Week – Geology

This week, our Resource List of the week covers the subject of Geology which focuses on a wide range of topics such as fracking, hazard science, climate change and earthquake prediction

But what is Geology?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Geology is

“the study of the rocks and similar substances that make up the earth’s surface”

Here below, we have outlined five interesting books which will help you better understand this science.

1.Introducing Mineralogy- Mason, John

Introducing Mineralogy

This book offers an introduction to the subject of Mineralogy which is crucial in the study of Geology. Firstly, the author considers the chemical composition of  basic minerals; then, he outlines the classification of the mineral kingdom and its occurrences. This title is a useful resource for those students who want to learn about the composition and chemistry of rocks and how it affects their appearance.

2.Plate Tectonics: A Very Short Introduction- Molnar, Peter

Plate Tectonics: A Very Short Introduction

Firstly, the title outlines how plate tectonics provoked a revolution on people’s understanding of planet Earth. Secondly, it helps students understand the reasons why earthquakes and volcanoes are found in different locations. Thirdly, it delineates how oceans originate, disappear and how mountain ranges were created.Overall, this book is a brilliant introduction to the history of the study of plate tectonics and how it all effects global geology.

3.The Great Fossil Enigma- Knell, Simon J.

The Great Fossil Enigma

This book, based on both published and archival sources as well as a number of interviews, outlines one of the palaeontology greatest mysteries: the identity of the conodont creature. This animal’s name originates from a group of widespread fossils called “conodonts” which have confused palaeontologists over the years.  

By describing the debate over the conodont, the title helps students illustrate how palaeontologists develop their science.

4.A Dictionary of Geology & Earth Sciences- Allaby, Michael

A Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences

This title covers all the terms related to geology, planetary science, volcanology, palaeontology and mineralogy. As well as this, it outlines different web links, which offer up-to-date and relevant online resources. Finally, this dictionary is incredibly useful for those finding their feet as well as more experienced students of Geology.

5.A Brief History of Geology, O’Hara, Kieran D.

A Brief History of Geology

The title outlines the major events which have happened in the history of geology over the last 200 years. Almost every chapter includes a ‘text box’ which describes concepts in a more technical and detailed way. As well as this, the title outlines the geology of the Moon, a topic which is rarely described in other books. The volume is suitable for students which focus on Earth science, as well as researchers of Geology willing to discover more about the history of the topic.


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