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Resource List of the Week – Law

This week, our Resource List of the Week concentrates on Law. Before starting, let’s give a definition of the topic.

What is Law?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Law is

“The system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties.”

To better understand the topic, we suggest you read the following titles.

1. The English Legal System – G.Slapper and K. David

The English Legal System


This book explains and critically assesses how the law is made and applied. Firstly, it clearly describes the legal rules of England and Wales and their collective influence on society. Secondly, this latest edition includes accurate and reliable coverage of all of the latest developments, which impact the legal system of England and Wales.

2. Constitutional Law – I. Loveland

Constitutional Law

This title explores a number of fundamental constitutional questions, in a variety of historical and jurisdictional contexts. Firstly, it discusses how major political controversies are resolved in courts. Secondly, the book explains the progressive development of constitutional jurisprudence in countries which share a broadly common law legal tradition.

3. Criminal Law – J. Herring

Criminal Law

This book offers an exceptional analysis and a wealth of cases, all set within the theoretical context of criminal law. First of all, there is an effective two-part structure in each chapter. The first part explains the law as it is and the second examines the theoretical aspects. Furthermore, this structure ensures that readers gain a secure understanding of the topic, as well as acquire a fundamental appreciation of the surrounding philosophical and ethical debates.

4. Roman Law – R. Domingo

Roman Law

This title is an introduction to Roman law, suitable for students of any legal tradition. Firstly, the title focuses on the Romans’ legal system of Antiquity, which  was developed between the Law of the Twelve tables and the Justinian’s massive Codification. This is still at the heart of civil law tradition in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Secondly, the book outlines how Roman lawyers created new legal concepts, ideas, rules, and mechanisms, adopted by most Western legal systems.

5. The Successful Law Student: An Insider’s Guide to Studying Law – I. Moore and C. Newbery-Jones

The Successful Law Student: An Insider's Guide to Studying Law

This book is a good resource for any future Law student, by focusing on topics which make a big difference to any student experience. Firstly, the book provides tips to help students make a smooth transition to a university level study, as well as get the most out of lectures and feedback. Secondly, it advice’s on how to approach law exams and find a rewarding career. Additionally, the book contains a variety of quotes from students and alumni, which adds valuable context and real-life insight. Finally, the authors use their extensive experience as law teachers to explore the learning process. As well as this, they look at the wider definition of success, which will help to manage the pressures of legal study.

In conclusion, the content outlined above could be attained for your resource list through the Kortext Store and the CLA Digital Content Store (DCS).

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