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The Resource List of The Week – Sports Science

This week, our Resource List of the Week concentrates on Sports Science. Before starting, let’s give a definition of the topic.

What is Sports Science?

According to the Complete University Guide, Sports Science is…

“…the study of how the healthy human body works during exercise, and how sport and physical activity promote health, physically, mentally and socially. ”

To better understand the topic, we recommend the following titles.


1. The Coaching Process – Kidman, L. and Hanrahan, S. J.

The Coaching Process

This title is a fresh and engaging introduction to sports coaching and guides students through the coaching process. Firstly, it focuses on the practical aspects of sports coaching and helps students to develop their basic technical skills. Secondly, it explains strategies for working with individual and team athletes, and how to plan and implement effective coaching sessions.

2. Exercise Physiology: Theory and Application to Fitness and Performance  – Powers, S. and Howley, E.

Exercise Physiology: Theory and Application to Fitness and Performance

This book explores the physiology of exercise through the use of numerous clinical applications. Firstly, it includes examples of exercise tests to evaluate cardiorespiratory fitness, which could be utilised in coursework and assessments. Secondly, it provides information on exercise training to improve in health-related physical fitness and sports performance.

3. Sports Biomechanics – Blazevich, A. J.

Sports Biomechanics


This title answers real-world questions, using an easily accessible language, as well as fully updated, clear and concise diagrams. Firstly, each chapter is devoted to a single area of the subject and details scientific underpinnings of sports performance. Secondly, this edition features a new section on human gait (walking and running), as well as new information on the latest topics in sport biomechanics.

4. Sport, Culture and Society – Jarvie, G.

Sport, Culture and Society

This book is a critical, challenging and comprehensive study of sport, culture and society. Firstly, it has an international scope, which challenges us to think about the use of activism through sport. Secondly, it outlines many contemporary examples, that places sport at the heart of the analysis.

The examples include: the history and politics of sport; sport, gender and sexuality; sport, disability and advocacy; sport, race and racism; sport, violence and crime; sport and health; sport, globalisation and democracy; sport, media and cultural relations; sport and the environment; sporting cities and mega-events; sport, poverty and development.

5. The Biochemical Basis of Sports Performance – Maughan, R. J. and Gleeson, M.

The Biochemical Basis of Sports Performance

This final title explains how the biochemical processes, which happen during the athletes training, underpin the exercise performance and the adaptations that are needed for their training. This book introduces the principles of exercise biochemistry in a context that is easy to understand and relevant to any student of sports science.

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