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The Resource List of the Week – Engineering

This week, our Resource List of the Week focuses on Engineering. Before starting, let’s give a definition of Engineering.

What is Engineering?

According to Live Science,

“Engineering is the application of science and math to solve problems.”

To better understand the topic, we recommend you to read the following titles.

  1. Thermodynamics for Engineers – Kroos

This title focuses on the role of thermodynamics within engineering. Firstly, the book takes students through a clear explanation of concepts. Then, it outlines the mathematical techniques of analysis and the applications of these to solve engineering problems. The book uses a very detailed terminology, so students can quickly understand concepts and analysis techniques.  Finally, the title includes an extensive use of practical examples which demonstrate how to properly set-up a solution.

thermodynamics for engineering

  1. Engineering Mathematics – J. Bird

This book explains the topic of mathematics in engineering. Firstly, the title outlines practical engineering examples and applications, to ensure that readers can relate theory to practice. Secondly, it helps to explain the art of applying mathematics to complex real-world problems.  Finally, by combining mathematical theory, practical engineering and scientific computing, it helps the reader to understand today’s technological challenges.

engineering mathematics


  1. Engineering Mechanics – J. L. Meriam, L.G. Kraige, J.  N. Bolton

This title provides a thorough explanation of the principles of mechanical engineering. Firstly, it explains the relationship of mechanics in engineering, which is used to solve problems involving common engineering tasks. Secondly, by including a number of helpful sample problems, the book helps students to build necessary visualization and problem-solving skills.

engineering mechanics

  1. Engineering drawing for manufacture – B. Griffiths

The title provides a short introduction to the subject of drawing for manufacture. Drawing is the main communication tool used by engineers, during the processes of manufacture and assembly. These are created by following hundreds of rules, which help maintain the national and international standards. Accurate transfer of information must be guaranteed, to ensure proper execution. This title thoroughly explains the complexities of this subject.

engineering drawing for manufacture


  1. Materials science and engineering – Callister, Rethwisch

This final title helps students to understand three primary types of materials which are used in engineering (metals, ceramics, and polymers) and composites. Additionally, the title outlines the relationships that exist between the materials’ structural elements and their properties.

materials science and engineering


In conclusion, the content outlined above could be attained for your resource list through the Kortext Store and the CLA Digital Content Store (DCS).

KeyLinks, Kortext and the DCS can all be used together to create an intuitive learning environment.


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