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The benefits of taking a placement year

Many universities in the UK offer students the chance of taking placements in sectors relevant to their course. This way, they can acquire all the skills they need to find a suitable job after graduation.

Many graduate jobs require students with previous experience, meaning that if you decide to take a placement year, you’ll have a better chance of getting your desired job compared to those who didn’t. Below we’ve outlined the benefits you’ll have if you decide to get a placement.

Increase your employability
  • Taking a placement year or an internship during a break can give you all the skills you need to succeed in a future professional world. Furthermore, undertaking work experience while you’re at university will highlight that you’re a career-focused person, thinking strategically about your future. This is an important aspect that recruiters are looking for.
Gain and enhance your knowledge
  • By putting theory into practice, you’ll be able to enhance your knowledge, along with creating new perspectives, experiences and sector awareness.
Improve your academic prospects
  • When you go back to university after your placement year, you’ll be a more experienced and confident person. Also, work experience will give you new perspectives and research material to help complete your final academic project.
Develop your interpersonal skills
  • By taking a placement year, you’ll be able to enhance your soft skills, as you’ll be working on projects individually as well as in groups. This will also mean you will have to meet deadlines, and develop your communication and listening abilities. Keep in mind that these skills are always required by employers worldwide.
Increase your network
  • During your internship, you will get the opportunity to increase your network – colleagues and clients can be very helpful people that can help you boost your career after your studies. Keep in mind that adding them on LinkedIn is a good way to stay in touch!
Earn money
  • If you’re lucky, you can find a paid placement, meaning that you will receive a salary or wage at the end of the month. This is a great way to finance your studies and your living costs.


Finding a placement has tons of benefits. If your university programme offers work experience possibilities, don’t think twice – apply for it. And believe us – you will never regret this choice!


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