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The benefits related to EdTech

Technology is changing every aspect of people’s lives and education is not excluded. Over the last few years, digital methodologies have been adopted in the classroom, having a positive impact on both students and teachers.

Benefits for students


  • Access to illimited resources – By having access to the Internet, students are able to access updated content whenever and from wherever they want. Additionally, doubts about concepts are not a problem anymore as they can easily find answers to their questions through a simple click. 
  • Easy collaboration with peersThrough the use of technological devices, students are able to easily communicate with one another. It has been proven that the adoption of technology in the classroom has increased the communication and cooperation among learners, allowing them to share their ideas, learn and create.
  • Increase digital literacy With the introduction of technology in the classroom, students are quickly acquiring digital knowledge useful for their future careers. 
  • Learning is fun – Nowadays young adults are addicted to social media and although these channels can be a distraction for them, if used properly, they make the learning process more enjoyable.


Benefits for teachers


  • Acquire student data – Technological tools allow educators to gather student data, showing how pupils are engaging with the content and permitting them to understand if learners need more resources about specific topics. 
  • Save timeBefore the introduction of technologies in the classroom, lecturers were spending long hours in planning classes and feedback papers. With technological development and the advent of the Internet, educators can easily find lesson plans online along with using grading apps to feedback students. 
  • Maximise student engagement  One of the main issues for educators is creating engaging lessons for students and encouraging them to participate in class. By including technological tools in their courses, lecturers will have the power of attracting student attention, having learners access to what they need through a simple click. Additionally, by integrating technological tools in the classroom, lecturers will be able to engage with introvert students as well. Indeed, those students will have the chance to use technological devices to submit their opinions and get involved in the class.
To sum up, different are the benefits related to the adoption of technology in the classroom. This is one of the main reasons why always more institutions are currently investing in EdTech.


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