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The best presentation software for students

During your time at university, it will only be a matter of time until you will have to create presentations. Therefore, here at Keylinks, we would like to outline the best presentation software. Nowadays, due to technological evolution, there are different programmes and applications which allow users to create, edit and present creative slides which are capable of engaging and impressing an audience. A sophisticated presentation program provides users with all the tools they need to create and edit graphics and present their content to other people. Microsoft PowerPoint is the most used software around the world; however, there are other great and free options in the market.

So what are the best presentation programmes?

    • Google Slide: Are you looking for an easy-to-use program to create and sharing slides? Google Slides is the best solution, as it allows users to utilise all its presentation tools for free. This program can be seen as a simplified, web-based PowerPoint software which allows people to collaborate and share their final work via email or online. The style options are limited compared to PowePoint, but users can easily upload and edit PowerPoint files.
    • Canva: This is a free online tool which permits individuals to create social media images, design and flyers. Nevertheless, this online program can also be used to create engaging and creative presentations, by selecting attractive templates and playing with its filters. Bear in mind, that if you are using huge file sizes in your presentation, you might have to swap to a paid and pro plan.
    • Prezi: This software was considered the most innovative presentation program for companies in 2018. For just 7 USD, people can have a dynamic and creative tool which help them to stand out from the competition.
    • WPS Office Free: This program is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint and is fully compatible with PPT and PPTX files. It offers different engaging and impressive templates as well as various animations, effects and transitions.
    • LibreOffice: This is a free presentation software which can impress your audience through the creation of artistic and unique presentations. Although it is a user-friendly software, this program doesn’t offer modern features such as internet broadcast, collaboration and animated diagrams.

To sum up, there is various online presentation software which can help you create unique slides, able to engage your peers and lecturers. So, if in your next assignment you need to create a presentation, we suggest you use one of the programs listed above. Happy presenting!


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