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The best ways to deal with referencing

Referencing is one of the most important parts of your essay as by using citations you avoid plagiarism,  and also recognise the work of other writers in your document. Additionally, by referencing the ideas that you’ve used in your paper, you will credit the researchers’ intellectual property rights and validate your assertions with academic sources.

Furthermore, citations help your teacher to understand the research behind your assignment and this will influence your final mark. As well as this, your lecturer will easily be able to recognise your own ideas and follow up the works of the academic authors.

If you are struggling with your reference section, you’ve landed on the right blog post.  We’ve outlined below several tips to help make referencing easier.

  • Check that your source has all the required details

Before using a resource in your document, you should ask yourself Does the resource have all the details I need for my Bibliography?

It’s important that each idea you are going to cite has specific details such as

  • Name and surname of the author
  • Year of publication
  • Title of the article and
  • If it is a journal, name of the journal and volume number

If the resource that you are analysing doesn’t have these traits, it would be better for you to find the information from another source.

  • Check your university style guide

Did you know that the referencing style can differ from university to university?  Referencing styles can even differ between different departments within the same institution!

Although the variations from one style to another are very small, it is important that you are aware of them, as the tiny details count! Therefore, we suggest you download and print your university’s style guide which you can easily find on your institution library website.

  • Keep formatting!

When you are writing an essay, above all a literary review, you will realise how many sources you need to cite. So, in order to not get confused, we recommend you keep the formatting of your bibliography clear and consistent. Therefore, you will be able to easily review your references and get a better grade.

  • Acknowledge all the ideas you use

Referencing doesn’t mean you only have to cite journals and books. In addition, when writing assignments, you must cite all the sources you have used including images, theses, videos, graphics, emails, pamphlets and conferences. Make sure not to forget any of them, to avoid plagiarism.

  • Reference while you are writing

Try to write your references while you are writing your assignment. This will make the writing process easier, as you won’t have to remember all the sources that you have used in your work when it comes to writing your bibliography.

  • Citation tools make your life easier

You can find a huge amount of citation tools online. This software is developed with the aim to help you cite, so you don’t have to write all of the references by yourself. But remember, check your university style guide before submitting your work.

Do you still think that referencing is difficult? Try to follow all these steps and you won’t regret it!

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