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The digital evolution in the education sector

Technology is continuously affecting every part of our lives and the education sector is not an exception. As the audience of this field often consists of young and highly connected students, higher education institutions must adapt their offer to satisfy the learners’ demand. Over the last few years, children have grown up using technology and having access to the Internet, and have therefore come to expect the same level of technology in their learning environment.

Contemporary students require 24/7 access to resources and networks in order to have a fully-flexible learning experience; hence, learners are often less inspired and engaged with traditional models of classrooms, as they have a dynamic and evolutionary life.

Institutions which originate an effective digital learning environment do not only satisfy the students’ demand but also offer learners the opportunity to study in a context useful for their future career.

Also, by offering technology to students, universities help prepare them for future working life, as many employers look for employees who are able to use technology to connect, collaborate as well as communicate.

Furthermore, new technologies in education can support new learning approaches which engage learners, cut operational costs and improve the value and the reputation of institutions. As well as this, technology has given the possibility to universities to connect with outside experts; this relationship could increase the number of courses offered as well as attract more learners.

Finally, digital tools have given teachers the possibility to communicate with students as well as collaborate and create communities.

In conclusion, an effective digital transformation within the education sector does not only consist of introducing digital tools in institutions. It also requires the willingness to utilise technological tools in new ways as well as manage them. The digital revolution in education must be a process which is continuous and evolutionary as, only in this way, it enhances the whole teaching and learning experience.

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