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The importance of foundation degrees

For many, going to university is one of the most important life decisions. However, going to university is not always for everyone as it requires investments of money and time.

After college, many students feel the pressure to apply for universities and some of them might choose a programme they are not interested in. With this in mind, before taking the decision to go to university, students should think about their future professional life and evaluate if going to university will help them to achieve their goals.

After having considered these points, learners can take their decisions. If they believe that university is not vital for their future, there are other options they could consider to achieve their desired job position. These possibilities include getting an apprenticeship or higher apprenticeships; starting a foundation degree, internship or entry-level jobs; taking a gap year or launch a startup.

In this blog we will focus on foundation degrees, outlining all the benefits related to them.

What are foundation degrees?

A foundation degree is a qualification that blends academic study with practical learning. Through foundation degrees learner acquires all the skills they need to achieve successful academic results, having the possibility to work in a professional environment.

Foundation degrees usually focus on specific subjects, from health and social care to business, from agriculture to animal behaviour. By being focused on a specific area, these courses increase the individuals’ knowledge related to specific sectors.

In the United Kingdom, foundation degrees are provided by both educational institutions and different businesses. Businesses offer employees the opportunity to apply for foundation courses to improve their professional skills along with enhancing the company’s value. 

The duration of foundation degrees varies as the programmes can be full-time or part-time. Full-time courses last two years; part-time programmes last between three and four years.

What are the benefits of taking foundation degrees?

Foundation degrees are a good choice for those learners who don’t want to go to university and prefer to get into the professional world quickly after their years at college. 

Thanks to foundation programmes, students have the possibility to immerse themselves in the business they want to work on and acquire all the skills around a specific industry.

Also, through foundation degrees, students can increase their network and gain confidence in specific sectors so they will easily find a job when they finish their programme.

Finally, foundation degrees give learners the possibility to access different career opportunities as they will be equipped with real-world skills.

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