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The most common learning techniques

When it comes to the learning process, students can adopt different learning techniques to retain information and acquire their knowledge.

There are various methodologies students can adopt in order to boost their learning process. Below are the most common ones:

  • Immersion – This technique is usually applied to boost learning in different areas, however it works well for languages. This methodology consists of ‘immerging’ students in a different context from the classroom. For example, summer language schools adopt this technique and situate students in an environment where they are in contact with only foreign people, so they can learn from this context on a daily basis.
  • Distribute practice- This methodology consists of dividing the study workload over time intervals. It has been proven that students who adopt this technique better retain materials, as their brain has more time to absorb the information, by switching back and forth from focused to diffuse mode of thinking.
  • Practice testing This technique is considered one of the best methodology to retain information. It consists of completing tests anytime students feel the necessity. These tests might involve answering specific questions with or without the aid of textbooks, engaging with flashcards or testing specific knowledge with mock exams.
  • Self-explanationLearners who adopt this methodology explain how they have reached a conclusion to a question or problem. This method is usually required during math classes.
  • Creating summariesThis methodology consists of summarising a topic students want to learn. This method supports the student production of pieces of information, such as essays, but it’s not the best technique to use to memorise singular concepts.
  • HighlightingThis is one of the most popular methodologies adopted by students, as it is very easy to perform and require little training.

Above are some of the most common learning techniques. Do you use any of them or do you prefer using other methodologies? Let us know by commenting in the box below.


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