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The Resource List of the Week – Archaeology

This week, our Resource List of the Week concentrates on Archaeology. Before starting, let’s give a definition to his topic.

What is Archaeology?

According to Live Science, Archaeology can be defined as

“the study of humanity and its past. Archaeologists study things that were created, used or changed by humans.”

To better understand the topic, we suggest you read the following titles and resources.


1. Archaeology and Archaeological Information in the Digital Society- HUVILA, ISTO

Archaeology and Archaeological Information in the Digital Society

This title explores how the digitization of archaeological information, tools, and workflows has affected the archaeological process and outcomes of archaeological work. This, in turn, has changed our general understanding of the human past. However, most of the literature related to archaeological information has been based on practical and theoretical considerations without the use of ‘technology’. This innovative volume combines and integrates different perspectives on the effects of this new way of working when compared to traditional methods, to create an interesting outlook on the subject.


2. Archaeological Investigation – Carver, Martin

Archaeological Investigation

This book draws all its numerous examples from Britain and beyond. Firstly, it explores the procedures used in field archaeology, examining the whole process from discovery to publication. Secondly, it is divided into four parts, it argues for a set of principles in part one, describes work in the field in part two and how to write up in part three. Finally, in part four, it outlines the modern world in which all types of archaeologist operate, both academic and professional.


3. Archaeology: The Basics- Gamble, Clive

Archaeology: The Basics

The title provides a straightforward and engaging introduction to the world of Archaeology. Firstly, it answers key questions about how and why people practice archaeology; secondly, it examines the theories and themes underpinning the subject. Thirdly, the book includes a wide range of materials on key growth areas including Evolutionary approaches in current archaeology; the archaeology of landscape and place; the impact and value of archaeology; conflict archaeology and the politics of the past.


4. A History of Archaeological Thought – Trigger, Bruce G

A History of Archaeological Thought

This book is the first title which examines the history of archaeological thought from medieval times to the present in a world-wide perspective. Firstly, it introduces new archaeological perspectives and concerns. Secondly, it discusses the development of archaeological thought and theory throughout, within a broad social and intellectual framework. Furthermore, it discusses trends in archaeological thought and tries to determine if these trends are a reflection of the personal and collective interests or factual findings of archaeologists.


5. Archaeological Theory in a Nutshell – Praetzellis, Adrian

Archaeological Theory in a Nutshell

This title provides a brief and readable introduction to contemporary models used in archaeology, suitable for any undergraduate student. Firstly, it demystifies a dozen contemporary theories, providing a short history of each, their application in archaeology, and an example of their use in recent work. Furthermore, the book explains different contemporary archaeological theories including the postcolonialism, neo-evolutionism, and materiality ones.


6. Current Archaeology 

If you want to keep up with the latest news on archaeology around the world, Current Archaeology is a great website to visit. It is updated daily and covers issues from all types of archaeology.


7. Archaeology 101

This academic paper gives a quick introduction to archaeology, as well as explains the different archaeological types and the process that archaeologists and scientists follow.


8. What is Archaeology, Really? – Gargett, Rob

This final academic paper on the list explores the history of Archaeology and the various perspectives and opinions on the subject.


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