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The Resource List of the Week – Business Studies

In this last week of May, our learning list of the week will be focused on Business Studies. Like the Marketing topic outlined last week, Business is also a broad and complex subject.


But first, what is Business?

Stephenson (2008) defines business as,

“The regular production or purchase and sale of goods undertaken with an objective of earning profits and acquiring wealth through the satisfaction of human wants.”

Here below, we have put together five titles to help you better understand the subject.


1. Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioural Economics – Richard H Thaler.

The book focuses on recent discoveries in human psychology with a practical understanding of incentives and market behaviour. It explains how to make informed decisions in an increasingly complex economic world. Furthermore, it reveals how behavioural economic analysis can open up a new way to look at everything from personal finance to assigning department funds; from feature-length films to sports team budgets and businesses like Deliveroo.



2. The Great Economists – Phil Thornton.

This title successfully illustrates ideas and actions of the world’s greatest economic thinkers. It analyses their backgrounds, shows their key beliefs, delves into their thinking and evaluates their legacy. In addition, it explains the schools of thought named after them and clearly shows how they influence people’s everyday life.


The Great Economists

3. Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow –  Daniel Kahneman.

The book explains how humans’ minds can easily make mistakes (even when people think to be logical). Therefore, it gives practical techniques for a slower and smarter thinking process. It is definitely the perfect book to help people make better decisions at work, at home, and in everyday life.

Thinking, Fast and Slow

4. Yes, You Can Innovate – Natalie Turner.


The title outlines how to develop the skills you need to successfully innovate, understand issues, and cultivate and implement innovative ideas. Whether you are a student, working for an organisation or an entrepreneur, each chapter will equip you with a practical toolkit. The book contains examples, activities and resources helpful to build and improve your innovation skills.

Yes, You Can Innovate

5. How to Win at CRM – Seth Kinnett.


This title focuses on effective strategy, implementation and management of CRM. It explores conceptual and cultural meanings of CRM initiatives, as well as the finer details of CRM system implementation and management. In addition, it examines the existing academic materials encompassing CRM, sales force automation, and similar subjects within the business literature.

How to Win at CRM

In conclusion, the content outlined above could be attained for your resource list through the Kortext Store and the CLA Digital Content Store (DCS).
KeyLinks, Kortext and the DCS can all be used together to create an intuitive learning environment.


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