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The Resource List of The Week – Education

This week, our Resource List of the Week concentrates on education. Before starting, let’s give a definition to this topic.

What is education?

According to Merriam-Webster, education can be defined as

“the field of study that deals mainly with methods of teaching and learning in schools.”

To better understand the topic, we recommend that you read the following titles and resources.

1. Effective Learning in Classrooms – Watkins, C., Carnell, E., and Lodge, C.M.

Effective Learning in Classrooms

This text presents case studies and examples from practitioners and examines the four major dimensions of advancing real learning. These dimensions include active learning, collaborative learning, learner-driven learning, and learning about learning.

2. Primary Mathematics: Teaching For Understanding –  Barmby, P., Bilsborough, L., and Harries, T.

Primary Mathematics: Teaching For Understanding

This book supports and develops the teachers’ understanding of the key primary mathematics topics. Furthermore, it takes an innovative approach to this subject, defining exactly what ‘understanding’ means and using this model to examine and explain various mathematical topics.

3. Improving Teaching And Learning In Physical Education – Grout, H.  and Long, G.

Improving Teaching And Learning In Physical Education

This text helps readers to deal with their initial teacher training programme and beyond. In addition, it is a guide through a wide range of issues every teacher needs to consider in order to become a successful educator and develop high-skilled learners.

4. Write Great Essays – Levin, P.

Write Great Essays

This book is essential reading for students and teachers of any discipline and level who have to write an essay or report for the first time.

5. Learning Theories Simplified – Bates, B.


Learning Theories Simplified

This text is perfectly addressed to busy teachers, trainers, managers and students, providing a ‘dip-in, dip-out’ guide that makes the theories of learning accessible and practical. Furthermore, it explores 130 classic and contemporary learning theorists in an easy-to-use, bite-sized format with clear relevant illustrations showing how each theory benefits teaching and learning.

6. Tes

The Tes website provides a wide range of primary and secondary school teaching resources including lesson plans, worksheets and student activities for all curriculum subjects.

7. National Archives

The National Archives is the UK government’s official archive. Their main duties are to preserve Government records and set standards in information management. This provides some valuable educational resources.

8. Open Educational Resources Development Model

This study aims to develop Open Educational Resources (OER). These are the different sets of findings: 1) The amount of knowledge needed within each resource 2) Content development: how to utilise media design and development  3) How to publish content with Creative Common (CC) license.

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