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The resource list of the week – Sociology

This week, the Keylinks resource list of the week focuses on sociology. Below, we’ve outlined the best pieces of content and resources, you should read to better understand this topic.

What is sociology?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, sociology is

“the study of the relationships between people living in groups, especially in industrial societies.”

Sociology Resources

  1. Sociology – Giddens, A. and Sutton, P. W.
    This is a unique title that makes readers understand the world where they live, providing an overview of contemporary global developments and ideas of sociology. The book, written in an easy to read style, presents a clear description of classic debates and explains clearly complex concepts. Many sections of the title concentrate on the idea of interactive pedagogy, trying to make the readers realise the value of thinking sociologically.
  2. Thinking Sociologically – Bauman, Z. and May, T.
    The title explores assumptions and expectations at the base of people’s view of the world. Due to its fame, the book has been translated into 12 languages and is vital to explain key concepts to students who are not familiar with the subject. Also, by considering recent topics such as sustainability, inequality, social justice and climate change along with exploring how sociology can be applied to everyday life, the title attracts the attention of general readers worldwide.
    Thinking Sociologically
  3. The Sociology of Globalization –  Martell, L.
    The title focuses on how sociology can be applied to study globalisation. It takes into account both the cultural, political and economic aspects of globalisation and explains the causes and consequences of a globalised world. The new edition concentrates on concepts such as the rise of China, the financial crisis and the benefits of migration.
    The Sociology of Globalization
  4. Applied Sociology – Thompson, N.
    The title analyses the practical value of sociology and how the sociological understanding can differ from setting to setting. Due to the author experience in the area, the book is clearly written and accessible to all sociology students, providing a clear description of complicated ideas without oversimplifying them. Also, key concepts are applied to a wide range of situations across all the professional areas and people’s private life, so that the book can be addressed to different types of readers.
    Applied Sociology
  5. Sociological Methods – Denzin, N. K.
    The book contains readings on sociological methods, clarifying students all the main strategies used in sociological research. The title can be used as a supporting or main book for all courses in methods, containing different topics such as issues of sampling units; problems of developing new measurement techniques; theory and its developments; and the nature of causation. Each topic is preceded by an introduction outlining the main issues related to the subject along with a discussion of problems that haven’t been clarified in the literature yet.
    Sociological Methods
  6. British Sociological Association
    The British Sociological Association (BSA) is an organisation founded that was 1951 that aims to promote sociology. It is the largest sociological network in the UK and offers a wide range of events and lectures across the country. The BSA also issues academic journals, shaping the discipline into what is today.
  7. Socioweb
    A useful website gathering online sociological resources. Students can search for content by category (w.g. Journals, sociological theory) or keyword.
  8. The wisdom of sociology: Sam Richards at TEDxLacador
    In this video, Sam Richards outlines how sociology can be a life-changing discipline, exploring how sociologists allow people to re-imagine personal problems and themselves.


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