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The Resources List of the Week – Music

This week, our Resource List of the Week concentrates on Music. Before starting, let’s give a definition to this topic.

What is Music?

According to the Oxford dictionary, music consists of

“Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion”.

To better understand the topic, we recommend you read the following titles and resources.

1. Adolescents, Music and Music Therapy  – McFerran, K.

Adolescents, Music and Music Therapy

This helpful and accessible book explains the methodology used in music therapy, a topic that has been considered only briefly until now. The author presents an empowering approach to practice, discussing how the therapist can be placed in a collaborative relationship with the individual or with the group.

2. Mixing a Musical –   Slaton, S.

Mixing a Musical

This text pulls the curtain back on one of the least understood careers in live theatre: the role and responsibilities of the sound technician. Firstly, it encompasses every position from shop crew labour, to assistant designer, to sound board operator and everything in between. Secondly, the book outlines real-world examples of personal experience and professional interview. Finally, it shows how to mix live theatre shows from the basics of equipment and setups, using sound levels to the creation of atmosphere, emotion and tension in order to ensure a first-rate performance.

3. Leading Musically – Jansson, D.

Leading Musically

This book examines the concept of musical leadership and focuses on the choral conductor role, what goes on in the music-making moment and what it takes to do it well. Additionally, the title discusses the unique features of the musical ensemble. Furthermore, it explores how music is a potent laboratory for understanding the leadership act, in the space between leader and team.

4. Psychology of Music –  Tan, S. L.,Pfordresher, P.and Harré, R.

Psychology of Music

This text considers music on a broad scale, from its beginning as an acoustical signal to its different manifestations across cultures. The bookis divided into four parts: Part I: Foundations explores the acoustics of sound, the auditory system, and the responses to music in the brain; Part II: The Perception and Cognition of Music focuses on how peopleprocess pitch, melody, meter, rhythm, and musical structure. And the final part, The Meaning and Significance of Music explores the social, emotional, philosophical and cultural dimensions of music and meaning.

5. Understanding Music – Eggebrecht, H.H

Understanding Music

This book provides readers with an ideal entry point to the topic of understanding music. Firstly, it summarizes the author’s thoughts on the relationship between music and cognition. Secondly, it asks questions like: What does understanding mean when applied to music? How is the process to be described? What different kinds of understanding are to be distinguished here? What other concepts are implicit in and related to the concept of understanding? Where are the limits of understanding and what lies beyond? What role do language and history play?. Finally, in the last part of the title, the author answers to these and other questions to outline  how the mind perceives the sounds of music and what other factors contribute to music’s meaning to listeners.

6. Musical Futures

Musical Futures consists of a new approach to music learning provided by anational and international network of more than 2,000 teachers and practitioners who adapt the procedure in the UK and overseas. This network also delivers valuable teaching resources to people involved in music.

7. Elements of music

This article explains the different aspects of music including rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony, tone colour, texture and form.

8. The effects of different types of music on mood, tension, and mental clarity

This study investigates the impact of different types of music on tension, mood and mental clarity.

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