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The top 5 benefits related to digital libraries

Due to the digital development, there has been a transition from traditional libraries to digital libraries.

What are digital libraries?

Digital libraries are a collection of digital resources, which can be accessed from anywhere. This content is available through the Internet or on CD-Rom. Depending on the type of library, students can access multiple resources such as magazine articles, books, papers, images, videos and other multimedia files.

After having outlined the definition of these libraries, a common question is:

What are the benefits related to them?

Here are five benefits of digital libraries.

Firstly, they are student-centric. This means that learners can access a wide range of digital content through the use of digital devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. As well as this, they can study wherever and whenever they want, as digital libraries are open 24/7. Therefore, learners can benefit from the libraries flexibility and engage with their own content without being restricted by the institutions’ opening times.

Secondly, digital libraries are active systems of learning and knowledge, meaning they offer up to date resources and articles available in a virtual space.

Thirdly, they adapt to students’ requirements. Learners can have both cognitive and visual impairments; in this context, digital tools permit learners to overcome these challenges as they can transform text into speech, increase the size of the font and make the content more visible. As well as this, by interacting with digital content, students can access multimedia resources which can help them better understand the topic.

Fourthly, digital libraries give students the possibility to access different types of content. Therefore, as learners, they can design their own pathway during their learning process.

Finally, they support both research and education, as well as key skills such as information literacy. This can facilitate a long learning process and permit learners to have success in their studies.


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