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Ways to handle group projects at university

Group work is a huge part of university life. For some people, it brings joy, but for others it only causes stress. Here at Keylinks, we want to offer some friendly advice…

  • Regular Meetings

Having regular meetings and catch-ups with your group-mates can be beneficial as. Firstly, they make sure everyone knows how the project is progressing; Secondly, they ensure everyone is clear on what they need to be working on; you can gain feedback on different parts of the project. If you struggle finding a time to meet up, try to schedule your gatherings after your lectures. This will ensure that you and your peers are in the same place at once and no excuses can be made!

  • Sort your group out early

Coursework and Assessments are posted on your VLE(Virtual Learning Environment) for each module, so make sure to check it regularly to keep up to speed with any updates. Establishing your group early can help you get a valuable head start on the project, so when the assessment needs to be started you can focus on the project itself, rather than worrying about sorting out a group.

  • Set out clear roles

When starting a group project, it is essential to set out clear roles for each member and the tasks involved in that role. This will ensure each potential task is covered by a person who will primarily focus on that specific responsibility. If you’re working on a specific task, share it with your peers; among them, you can find someone with skills that could complement yours.

  • Organisation

Once you’ve sorted out your group and its roles, you should focus on the organisation of the project. At this stage, Trello is a really useful project-management program you can use. With this software you will be able to create trackable tasks for each member of the group, so everyone can see what is being worked on; sign off a task once it has been completed, letting the group know what’s been accomplished; move a finished task in the ‘completed’ section, once finished; and add deadlines and comments to a particular duty, to let the other group members know of any developments or changes.

  • Google Products

Instead of trying to share work via email and work from various file revisions, use Google Products (if you don’t already). With this software, you can collaborate and share your documents, presentations and spreadsheets with whoever you want, you just need your friends’ email addresses! Also, by using the suggestion tool, you will be able to make suggestions on what should be changed in order to improve it.

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