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What are the skills that make you more employable?

After their graduation, many university students have issues in finding their dreaming job position. In fact, many employers require essential competencies and abilities that graduates should have and enhance. Depending on the area you want to work in, there are specific skills and abilities you should develop. Nevertheless, recruiters also require more generic competencies and behaviours that are fundamental to succeed in a specific working position. 

If you want to know what these competencies are, just keep reading – below we provide a list of the main competencies every graduate should have in order to get a job position.


  • Listening


Listening is a fundamental interpersonal skill that every business around the world requires as a person with this soft skill is able to build and maintain the company’s relationships. Many students enhance this skill while they are at university; however, some might need more exercise to develop it. In this case, we suggest reading books on counselling.


  • Teamwork


In order to get the position you want, you have to prove recruiters that you’re a team player along with having the capacity to manage others and take on responsibility. These abilities are fundamental for businesses as they permit them to reach their pre-set goals. Plus, through teamwork people have the opportunity to learn from each other, enhancing their knowledge.


  • Communication


Written and oral communication is fundamental for the businesses’ success. Therefore, it’s important you demonstrate to be clear, focused and concise.


  • Acceptance of different cultures


As we are living in a globalised world, employers require their employees to be open-minded and accept other cultures. Nowadays, diversity is part of the modern workplace; therefore, it’s crucial you tolerate people from different backgrounds.


  • Problem-solving


Another fundamental skill employers look for in new graduates is the capacity to solve issues. Therefore, it’s important you enhance your problem-solving skills, so you can show recruiters your ability to approach problems from different angles. 


  • Organisation


During the recruiting process, employers look for an organised person which can prioritise tasks and meet the pre-set deadline. Therefore, it’s important you’re able to manage your time and resources efficiently.

If you’ve just finished university and you’re looking for a graduate position, it’s important you know what skills to enhance in order to get a  job quickly. Good luck with your new experience!


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