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What should you do before study abroad?

It’s very common among students to decide to go abroad to finish their studies or get some work experience that will boost their CV and future career.

As this is a common trend among learners, we’re created a list of top tips you should consider before embarking on your adventure.

  • Keep everything organised – If you’re planning to study abroad, you may be overwhelmed by papers; so it’s important you’re organised. Also, if you’re flying to a country that requires a VISA, apply for it months before you’re leaving – the application process might take long! In addition, don’t leave any paperwork at the last minute and considered to find a home before you’re leaving your home country.
  • Pack smartly – When you’re preparing your luggage, it’s fundamental you think about what you’re going to take with you. Check your airline’s luggage restriction and bring with you only the things you need. This way you’ll avoid any extra fees.
  • Inform your bank – A week before your departure, let your bank know that you’re leaving. They’ll provide you with useful information on how to manage your money abroad.
  • Learn something about your new hometown – It’s good to know something about the country where you’re going to live so you can set your expectations. Also, why don’t you purchase a small dictionary and start learning some new words? – It’s good to communicate with native people!
  • Stay in touch with your family and friends – Ok, you’re going to live independently but this doesn’t mean you have to forget about your family and friends. Nowadays you can easily call them for free through Skype and Whatsapp. All you need is an Internet connection.
  • Control your expenses – When you’re abroad it’s easy to spend a lot of money. You’ll be tempted to discovering new places and trying new food.  So before you’re leaving, set a budget plan and stick to it!

Studying abroad can be the best decision of your life. However, to fully enjoy this experience, it’s important you’re aware of all the tips described above and prepare everything you need before you leave your hometown. Have a safe flight!

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