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When is the best time to study?

Every student knows how difficult is to stay in a chair and focus on different subjects to complete their homework after having attended their morning classes. Also, when the weekend arrives, learners have difficulty staying concentrated on their school work as they want to spend time with their family or plan outdoor activities with their friends.

However, it’s fundamental students recognise that completing their homework or revising for their following exams is fundamental to succeed in their student life. Also, in order to avoid stressful situations caused by tight deadlines, learners should plan their study schedule and understand what is the most effective time to study.

How time influences learners

According to research, learners’ brain is more active in the morning after an energising breakfast and a full night sleep. Therefore, those students who try to memorise concepts during the morning have better chances to remember information and details about a specific subject.

Instead, studies reveal that the afternoon is the perfect time of the day to integrate new information with already known data, creating meaningful connections.

Although the time of the day affect how learners study, there isn’t scientific proof stating that studying during the day is better than learning during the night. 

Below are the advantages of studying during the day and night.

Benefits of studying during the day

There are different benefits of studying during the day. Firstly, after a good night’s sleep, learners will be full of energy and have a strong ability to concentrate immediately on their studies. Secondly, by studying during the day, students are able to vary the places they study such as cafes and libraries – in fact, most of them are closed during the night. Thirdly, during the day students are able to communicate with their teachers and peers; so if they have problems, they can easily clarify any doubts. Finally, those who study during the day benefit from the natural light which doesn’t affect the natural sleep rhythm.

Although studying during the day has different benefits, those who study during the night have advantages as well.

Benefits of studying during the night

Students who decide to study during the night are less distracted and are able to concentrate more on their work. Also, by studying during the night, learners go to bed after they have studied new information and better absorb and remember what they’ve just learnt. Furthermore, according to research, those who are studying during the night are more creative – so learning after dinner is the perfect time for those who want to write creative essays.


Study and complete coursework are fundamental actions to succeed at school and university. So, it’s important students create a study schedule and understand what is the best moment of the day for them to study and retain all the concepts they need to succeed in their study life.


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