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Why are flashcards important?


Flashcards have been used regularly to teach vocabulary to children. But recently, they have been utilised as a teaching tool in higher education to improve students’ retention of information. 

A flashcard is a type of card that has a question on one side and a corresponding answer on the other side. The main aim of flashcards is to encourage learners to answer a question and then take a look at the answer to see if their response is correct. Flashcards are usually based on the content and resources students have engaged with, permitting them to practice with the materials they studied and better retain information.

With the development of technology in education, flashcards have become digitalised, saving time and space for both students and lecturers. Also, different companies have begun offering online tools such as cram.com or Adobe Spark to create digital flashcards.

There are many different benefits students can have by using flashcards including:

    • Enhance active learning – By using flashcards, students can learn in an active way instead of adopting passive forms such as underlining, scanning and highlighting. Although passive forms can be effective for some students, active methodologies of studying require learners to actively engage with content, retaining information in a better and faster way.


  • Review wherever they want – Due to their innovative digital format, nowadays, flashcards can be carried everywhere, permitting students to make effective use of them anywhere and at any time they need.
  • Focus on specific topics – Preparing exams can be an overwhelming task when students have to deal with too much content at the same time. By adopting flashcards, learners eliminate inappropriate materials, focusing on the most important concepts they need to learn.
  • Learn concepts through repetition – By using flashcards students are able to divide them into categories based on the topic they cover and adopt a repetition learning methodology to enhance their knowledge about a specific subject.


In conclusion, flashcards are a learning methodology that has become adopted by many higher institutions worldwide as students, by adopting this technique, have had positive learning results.


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