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Why introducing tech in the classroom?

Technology is affecting every single aspect of our lives, and the education sector is not an exception. The introduction of technology in the classroom has created various helpful opportunities for both educators and learners. Indeed, technological tools have made the teaching and learning process more effective.

What are the benefits of introducing technology in the classroom?

Introducing technology in schools and universities bring benefits to both students and educators.

Firstly, technologies make the studies more interesting and fun as learners engage with content by using digital devices such as laptops and tablets. Secondly, tech makes learners ready for their future careers, as by starting utilising digital devices at an early age, students will be able to develop new skills needed for future job positions. Thirdly, it has been proved that technological tools help students retain better what they’ve learned as well as collaborate with other students. Indeed, through technological tools, learners develop collaboration skills, being involved with different online tasks and projects. Additionally, technology induces learners to develop individual learning skills as they can study at their own pace, review difficult and unclear topics, and skip the ones they know already whenever they feel like. Finally, through technology, students can receive specific support from lecturers, closing the knowledge gaps they have.

Not only do students benefit from technology, but also teachers find the adoption of technological tools advantageous.

Firstly, teachers can create more engaging classes by validating the content they use and without spending too much time on it. This teaching change may increase the students’ engagement and retention. Secondly, educators will not waste their time grading assignment during their weekends as with technology they can easily automate their grading process and track the students’ progress. Thirdly,  through the Internet, teachers can stay in touch with learners 24/7. Nowadays there are different applications that permit students to communicate with teachers whenever they need as well as get reminders about their deadlines. Finally, technology helps teachers in managing their classroom. Indeed, through technological devices, they keep track of the learners’ behaviours and keep families informed.

Are you using technology in your classroom? Do you think it is beneficial? Let us know by commenting below.

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