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Why is proofreading important?

What is proofreading?

Proofreading means going through a document slowly and carefully to spot any errors in punctuation, grammar and spelling. The act of proofreading may include checking stylistic sections such as headlines, illustrations, paragraph and colours, too. Human proofreading is indispensable in producing academic papers.

Before starting any proofreading, the writer should go about doing an in-depth review, which allows them to analyse how ideas and concepts throughout the document are related. As well as this, the reviewing  process allows the writer time to consider sections of the text which should be revised or rewritten. Once the document’s sections and concepts are organised together and flow nicely, it’s time to start proofreading.

Why is proofreading important?

Proofreading any form of assignment will give you the opportunity to spot any grammar, punctuation and spelling errors that may be present in your text. Nowadays, there are different pieces of computer software and online websites that permit students to spell-check their work. Perhaps you could try jspell.com or grammarly.com? This online software will allow you to check your work’s grammar, punctuation as well as detect plagiarism. Additionally, try to read your document aloud so you are able to spot any errors much more easily. 

Proofreading your academic paper will make sure the work you submit best represents your hard work and ability. Remember, lecturers will mark down a paper that is not properly proofread! This includes your references, too. These should be written in a specific format according to your university guidelines and linked to credible sources.


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