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Top 5 reasons why you should be using a Resource List Management System at your university

Resource list management systems are similar to a traditional reading list management system but so much more. By using a resource list management system you can include thousands of multimedia resources. These are not only videos and images, but also podcasts and other digital content. Convinced? Here are a few more reasons why just in case…


1. Organisation

One of the keys to successfully organising reading and further reading is having all of the digital resources under one roof. Learners are able to find the content they need in organised hierarchical lists. By enabling them to be fully customisable, lecturers and librarians can take this a step further and personalise each section to their cohorts digital learning needs.


2. Efficient

Similarly to the factor above, resource lists cut out a lot of searching and allow for studying to be more timely and organized. Why waste time searching through 1000s of journals or videos on the web when students can access the resource list at a touch of a button.


3. Cost-effective

Resource lists are not only cost effective with time, but also in more traditional ways. Librarians are able to take a look at how digital resources are spread out across departments which in turn allows them to make cost-effective decisions on the allocation of resources.


4. Interoperable

Without opening a different browser, resource lists (especially KeyLinks) can be integrated into a variety of existing workflows including Library Management Systems, and VLEs.  


5. Analytics

Our Analytics allows you to see which digital resources people use. Also, it gives you information about when and which students use these resources. This allows you to focus your efforts where they are needed.


This is just a snapshot of what resource list management systems such as KeyLinks can provide. So watch this space and watch this blog post grow!


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